VirtuIT Systems Helps Accelerate Growth for Collagen Matrix via Their Hosted ERP Solution


Collagen Matrix, Inc. (CMI) is a driving force in the design and engineering of collagen- and mineral-based extracellular matrices for tissue and organ repair and regeneration. Since its inception in 1997, the Company has received many government grants for the development of innovative, collagen-based matrix products in the areas of neurological, vascular, urological, and orthopedic tissue regeneration applications. The Company currently manufactures collagen-based finished medical devices in the areas of oral/maxillofacial surgery, neurosurgery, and orthopedic-spine surgery.


The complex supply chain management system demanded a Modern ERP Solution. While outsourcing the ERP system lowers the overall manufacturing costs, it adds complexity and presents the need for tight oversight and controls in their day-to- day operations. Due to the limitations of their old systems, much of their work still had to be done manually which became increasingly more difficult to manage as business continued to grow and their supplier base expanded.


Dell Networking Ethernet Switches, Dell PowerEdge Servers, Brocade SAN Switches, VMware Cluster on Dell PowerEdge VRTX, Dell SC Series Storage, Dell Threat Defense & Managed Firewalls, and Managed BaaS.

Solution Highlights

Collagen needed a more reliable system for their ERP system and needed to ensure that short RTO/RPOs were achievable for their most mission critical data. ERP databases must be online 24/7 and any disruption costs CMI several thousand dollars an hour. VirtuIT has been able to provide 99.999% uptime for ERP and shown the ability to recover corrupted databases in minimal time to keep production running.

The Future of Collagen Matrix

Collagen Matrix has upgraded it’s critical IT systems and moved them to a secure data center. For additional layers of security, they’re leveraging a secure backup solution that keeps their data protected.

Collagen Matrix will continue to innovate and manufacture medical devices that better serve patients and increase quality of care, while powered on next generation technology practices that are ready to expand with the needs of the business.

“From the sales staff to the technical team, VirtuIT understands what it takes to run an optimal environment. With the ability to receive quotes that are not only competitive but effective in the problem we’re trying to solve is essential to our success. VirtuIT’s support services and technical team have been an asset to our day-to-day operations”.

– Marc Gelefsky, CMI Director of Technology @ Collagen Matrix

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VirtuIT Systems Helps Accelerate Growth for Collagen Matrix via Their Hosted ERP Solution