TE Wire & Cable ensures its data is protected by leveraging VirtuIT AEGIS


TE Wire & Cable LLC is a premier Thermocouple and Specialty wire and cable manufacturer forming from the Wire and Cable Division of the Thermo Electric Corporation. TE Wire & Cable manufactures a full line of thermocouple wire and cable, from iron and nickel-based alloys, and copper instrument and control cable. TE Wire & Cable maintains an in-house laboratory directly certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), allowing it to calibrate its wire which in turns provides a higher quality product with lower cost and improved efficiency. TE Wire & Cable is highly regarded as the industry leader and has developed a well-founded reputation for providing high-quality temperature measurement wire & cable products with short lead times and competitive prices.


A Crypto Locker outbreak (a trojan ransomware that allegedly encrypts files on an affected
system and demands ransom for recovering the data back) outbreak occurred at 4:30 pm and
one user was infected immediately. Within six minutes five servers that the user had access to
were encrypted as well.

Within the first two hours of the event

  1. VirtuIT assessed the scope of the infection
  2. VirtuIT isolated infected systems from noninfected systems
  3. Located valid backups that weren’t infected
  4. Powered off the primary infected server
  5. Located Infected primary machines and removed from the network
  6. Brought virtualized servers online from the VirtuIT backups
  7. Deployed restoring procedures– restore serves from bare metal restores
  8. VirtuIT engineers worked around the clock to restore systems as quickly as possible meeting TE
    Wire’s Recovery Time Objective (RTO)


  • Backup as a Service by VirtuIT

Solution Highlights

  • Isolate the infection
  • Virtualize critical servers on local backup appliance
  • Rebuild infected servers from recent backup via Bare Metal Restore
  • Data protected offsite in the VirtuIT cloud

The Future of OCA

By leveraging VirtuIT backups powered by DellEMC infrastructure, TE Wire & Cable are protecting themselves from virus infections and data loss. TE Wire is a 76-year-old business and with the help of VirtuIT AEGIS, their future will remain bright for years to come.

““VirtuIT is very knowledgeable, and their help was critical because there were a lot of moving pieces to manage.”

– Marakowski, VP of IT

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TE Wire & Cable ensures its data is protected by leveraging VirtuIT AEGIS

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