OCA leverages VirtuIT’s Backup as a Service to eliminate management issues


OCA is a family-owned business that has rapidly grown to become a national 3rd party administrator. OCA provides flexible and compliant pre-tax benefits backed by industry leading support.


With a legacy data backup solution that was cumbersome and difficult to manage, reliability of the company’s data protection infrastructure was becoming suspect. In addition, OCA’s continued business success requires that their data backup & recovery strategy defend against cybersecurity threats such as ransomware attack. Maintaining compliance with strict industry regulations on data protection is critical.


  • VirtuIT Professional Services
  • Veeam Availability Suite VM based licensing
  • S3 Cloud Object Storage

Solution Highlights

  • Fast and reliable on-premise backup and recovery
  • Backup and recovery to secure, fully managed VirtuIT S3 cloud (no egress fees)
  • Immutable backup copies on S3 for proper defense against ransomware attack
  • Intuitive and easy to manage backup and recovery console (local and cloud)

The Future of OCA

With the appropriate technology and management in place, OCA will continue to better serve their customers with an efficient technical staff that supports their business.

“Our previous backup solution was a pain to work with and to manage, thankfully those pains are in the past. VirtuIT solved our issues quickly and efficiently. We were able to replace our current backup and start a newer, more efficient, and more secure system in no time. The system is so great we have already been able to recover files that a user accidently deleted in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the VirtuIT backup solution I can now sleep soundly without worrying about our backups if they ran correctly or not. ”

– Rob Christian, VP of IT

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OCA leverages VirtuIT’s Backup as a Service to eliminate management issues

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