Legal IT Services

Agility Built For Your Firm 

Your Challenge:

Legal IT Services are crucial due to stricter federal and state government-enforced regulations such as Data Encryption guidelines. Law firms face a lot of regulatory challenges and steep repercussions if mandates are violated.

You’re busy in meetings, court, and dealing with clients. It’s crucial that you can access your data from anywhere, and its our job to ensure that is being done securely.

The Solution: VirtuIT helps Law firms understand industry best practices for protecting and managing sensitive client data by seamlessly integrating data security into your organization’s technological practices. 

How We Help 

Increase Flexibility

Further increasing flexibility for your staff, our engineers can either be onsite or remotely tapping into your network to relieve you from the hassle of IT support, so you can focus on your core business.

Data Protection

Our highly talented technical staff will also help you develop a business continuity or data protection plan that is catered to the requirements of your firm. By reviewing your current infrastructure and processes, we will seek to identify and secure any gaps in your environment, and implement a plan to protect against the unknown.

Data Protection

Unfortunately, disasters do happen. If a disaster strikes, is your data protected and would you be able to access your critical applications? VirtuIT ensures that you’re up and running after the disaster strikes. VirtuIT’s cloud offering gives you the means to access your data from anywhere, especially when you need it the most.

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