Non-Profit IT Services

Optimization To Help You Do More With Less

Your Challenge: Non-Profits are tasked with fulfilling an important mission while dealing with constant budgetary constraints to help you carry out that mission. Effective Non-Profit IT services entail understanding your missions, gaps, and deploying an execution plan that aligns with your goals. 

It’s important to have a partner that has established relationships with industry-leading technology manufacturers so that you have direct access to the best solutions, at the most affordable price point for Non-profits.

The Solution: With over 100 years of combined IT experience, we know that every organization is different and has its own unique set of technology needs. VirtuIT will help provide industry-leading non-profit support and Managed Services. Our highly trained staff will work with you and your organization to fully understand your needs, help you address your IT pain points and start excelling.

How We Help 

Infrastructure Modernization

We understand the details of grant funded projects, as such, we ensure that every dollar is accounted for and allocated in the most effective way possible. We’ll provide you with documentation to present to key stakeholders and utilize discounts and grants that you qualify for to ensure your budget it met.


Whether you’re in the discovery phase, or ready to implement a full-blown IT project, leveraging Non-profit IT services that align your mission and values to the demands of the business is a critical step in ensuring long-term success. 

Workforce Transformation

One of the most rapidly growing financial IT services is the demand for an agile workforce. COVID-19 has accelerated the remote work era, which has posed a challenge to remaining agile as employees are spread everywhere; We’ll help you fix that.  

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