VirtuIT Financial Services

Leveraging VirtuIT Financial Services

Tap into a team of professionals: Since 2006, VirtuIT
has established deep industry expertise and relationships
that help customers leverage the right technology in a
cost-effective manner.

IT teams that are looking to maximize their budgets or adopt OPEX model for more flexibility can turn to VirtuIT Financial Services. Too often, projects get pushed down the road or IT is forced to do more with less resources due to constraints; VirtuIT financial services can help you directly address these challenges of the past.

Product Financing Options:

  • Storage
  • Servers
  • Networking
  • Security Solutions
  • Enterprise software
  • Maintenance and support
  • Managed service offerings

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Whether you’re looking to take advantage of a low-interest rate lease structure or stretch your
hard-earned dollars further when budgets are constrained,
VFS gives you options.


Fair-market value or dollar buyout leasing options are available depending on your needs and IT
goals as we help you develop a roadmap for future needs.


Whether it’s the economic
environment or organizational budgeting, you can remain
flexible with your hard-earned IT dollars while upgrading
equipment, support, or additional services to support your

Avoid Security Vulnerabilities

Outdated hardware/software can be out of support, unable to patch,
and frequently expose your organization to unnecessary
security risks. Leverage VFS to ensure that you’re taking
a security-first approach.

Manage Cash Flow

By not tying up all of your cash to
hardware/software/services, leverage an operational expenditure model that allows you to allocate
additional capital resources to better support your

Lifecycle Management

IT can be costly but with the
appropriate planning and management you can predict the
growth and requirements that your business demands to
ensure you have the right environment in place to support
it, at the right time.

Solutions Tailored For Your Needs

Managed IT Services and Support will help take the pressure off of your team so that you can focus on your core business.

If you’re struggling to keep up with IT demands, VirtuIT specializes in the cost-effective management, maintenance and protection of your critical IT infrastructure.

Solutions are built to be as little or as much involved as you desire; We’re not looking to replace your technical team! 

From the sales staff to the technical team, VirtuIT understands what it takes to run an optimal environment. With the ability to receive quotes that are not only competitive but effective in the problem we’re trying to solve is essential to our success. VirtuIT’s support services and technical team have been an asset to our day-to-day operations.

– Marc Gelefsky @ Collagen Matrix

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