Education IT Services

Enable Students To Connect And Collaborate

Your Challenge: Integrating technology into the learning process is fundamental for educators – but changing institutional culture and teaching practices can be a challenge. We can help you successfully manage large-scale technology investments despite limits in funding.

The Solution: Whether you’re looking for a Partner to help you implement Office 365 for your students and faculty, or you need to redefine your campus network infrastructure solution for increased speed and efficiency, VirtuIT has the experience in the education sector to deliver an effective solution. VirtuIT has obtained certifications that hold us to a higher standard of service, much like the standard teachers and students are held to.

Education IT Solutions

Education IT Services built for your current and future demands. 

Higher Education

When a university’s IT environment isn’t performing at a high level, it effects the performance of students and faculty. VirtuIT leverages its partnerships with industry leaders such as DellEMC to create IT environments that improve collaboration, increase security, streamline administrative and operational processes, and consolidate network infrastructure.

K-12 Education

Today’s world of high-speed access to information means that young people expect to be connected at all hours. We ensure the high standard that is required of your students, is also maintained in your infrastructure. VirtuIT helps K-12 school districts meet the technology demands of today’s evolving classroom and education environment through a variety of storage, security, data management and network infrastructure solutions.

Enhanced Security

With users accessing data from multiple locations, security is more important now than ever. Discuss our enhanced layers of security with a technical consultant and understand how you can better meet strict compliance requirements.

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