Virtual Desktop

The Significance of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Solution

Virtual Desktop as a Service Offering

For many years, medium and large businesses have been implementing the use of virtual machines (VMs) in various flavors.  Almost every one of them have most of their servers virtualized, but many others are still adopting virtualization for use with desktops. A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution has grown at a rapid rate. The goal is … Read more

VirtuIT Takes On GMIS To Discuss IT Solutions For Public Sector

The VirtuIT Systems team headed down to Somerset, NJ to participate in the GMIS (Government, Management, Information, & Sciences) 2019 Conference. We’ve attended this conference for the last two years and always enjoy the event discussing industry trends and challenges in the public sector. Having the opportunity to network with IT public sector professionals is … Read more

5 Reasons To Consider Remote Virtual Desktop Services For Your Business

Remote Virtual Desktop Services For Your Business Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has seen increasing demand within organizations due to the benefits of cloud services and security features. A physical presence at your company headquarters is no longer required for you to be working on the company network and productive. Let’s break down what Virtual … Read more

Private vs. Public Cloud – Here’s What You Need To Know

Private vs. Public Cloud   Most companies face constrained resources, expertise, and the budgets necessary to operate an IT environment. In the information age, no one is alone feeling overwhelmed by all the information thrown at you. Our goal here is to break down the different cloud options available and enable you to make informed … Read more