VirtuIT Takes On GMIS To Discuss IT Solutions For Public Sector


The VirtuIT Systems team headed down to Somerset, NJ to participate in the GMIS (Government, Management, Information, & Sciences) 2019 Conference. We’ve attended this conference for the last two years and always enjoy the event discussing industry trends and challenges in the public sector. Having the opportunity to network with IT public sector professionals is an insightful experience.

(Click on the video below for a recap of the event!)


Here are two of the trends we see in the public sector and how VirtuIT is addressing them:


Data ProtectionPublic Sector organizations manage sensitive data and IT managers continually ask how to protect their data from disaster. Where do they start? A Backup as a Service implementation could be a great start by getting your critical data offsite. Check out this Backup as a Service (BaaS) infographic simply explaining the VirtuIT solution.

Leveraging A Virtual Desktop Cloud InfrastructureA great way to start leveraging a cloud infrastructure is using desktop virtualization. By leveraging a virtual desktop infrastructure, you’re able to gain secure access to your files and applications from anywhere you desire. Here’s an article that gives you a better understanding of what a virtual desktop infrastructure is and how it can help your business.



Commercial customers often have much more flexibility when it comes to purchasing decisions than their public sector counterparts. Public sector IT managers must be more creative to meet organizational goals with a limited budget.

VirtuIT Systems combats those constraints by listing on multiple state contracts in the NY & NJ area so that customers always receive the industry’s best pricing. Sr. Account Executive, Fred Gibbons, discusses the budgetary constraints and continues to successfully help public sector customers get the most effective infrastructure for their money.

Reach out to us here to learn more about getting a tailored solution that meets your budget, or if you have questions about leveraging a cloud infrastructure that is ready for your future business demands.