5 Reasons To Consider Remote Virtual Desktop Services For Your Business


Remote Virtual Desktop Services For Your Business

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) has seen increasing demand within organizations due to the benefits of cloud services and security features. A physical presence at your company headquarters is no longer required for you to be working on the company network and productive. Let’s break down what Virtual Desktop as a Service is and how the fully managed desktop computing solution can help your business.

What is Virtual Desktop as a Service?

Virtual Desktop as a Service provides a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that is hosted by a 3rd party cloud services provider. A single instance of an application can be seamlessly delivered to multiple users, which are often referred to as ‘tenants’. Your virtual desktops are hosted on a secure network by your cloud services provider that takes the time-consuming tasks away from your staff.

The goal for your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is to allow users to access all of their applications from anywhere that they desire and doing so securely. This is increasingly common due to the trend of employees working remotely.

How does it help you?

Reduce Costs

You no longer have to budget for hardware upgrades since you’ll have desktop virtualization subscriptions. Since you’re now limiting the amount of hardware you need, you don’t have to pay for someone to perform all of the upgrades and maintenance that goes along with your desktops since this can now be taken care of by your cloud services provider. If you’re a business owner or part of the management team tasked with reducing operating costs, remote virtual desktop services may be a great fit for your business because you can mitigate costs associated with employees being in the office because they can now work remotely.

Fast & Simple Deployments

As businesses continually add/remove employees, they must account for the required physical assets that an employee requires. Now you can easily add or remove virtual desktops to meet the needs of your business without having to worry about a lack of resources or excess equipment. Once deployed, you won’t have to worry about upgrades or maintenance because your managed desktop provider is responsible for that. So, whenever your users log into the system, they’ll have instant access to all of the upgrades.

Remote Access

Poor weather, personal obligations that take you away from the office, travel, or just needing to have some time away doesn’t prevent you from being able to access your applications and remain productive. Remote virtual desktop services enable you to log into your system and instantly have access to all of your applications that you would use while working in the office. This can decrease office costs while ultimately increasing employee productivity. The increasing trend of employees working remotely has a number of benefits for the employer AND the employees. This can be done effectively and securely with a remote virtual desktop services offering.

Data is saved in a central location

Adding to the simplicity of a virtual desktop service offering, all data is stored in a central location rather than being saved on multiple local workstations. This makes it much easier to backup and further reduces risk of data loss if there is a hardware failure. How many times has a colleague damaged their hardware (computer/desktop) and then realized they couldn’t recover everything? A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution mitigates the significance of the hardware.


Business needs constantly change. Whether your business is growing and you need to add users or decreasing and users need to be removed, remote virtual desktop services make it easy to scale with your business requirements. Budget constraints in IT are always an issue, by leveraging a per user pricing model, you can easily predict what your costs are if your business grows or shrinks so you can appropriately allocate resources.

Concluding, a Remote Virtual Desktop Service offering can be a great place to start when deciding whether or not you want to fully move your business to the cloud. Due to its predictable price model and ease of use, you can reap the benefits of the data protection and scalability that the cloud offers without a significant upfront investment that eats up your budget. Remote virtual desktops can be a great option for you if you’re looking to start using a cloud provider and enhance your data protection practices.

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