Enterprise Managed Services by VirtuIT.

With our enterprise offering, we’ll help you align business initiatives with next-generation technology so that you’re ready for future business demands. 


VIRTUIT Enterprise Managed Services

Streamline your IT operations by leveraging an EMS platform that’s built to support your infrastructure and business demands. VirtuIT EMS enables operational excellence, enhanced security, and the ability to offload critical day- day-day tasks to a team of experts.

Establish & Maintain Documentation of managed Environments

A key challenge among IT professionals is the inability to gain an understanding and properly document the full scope of their IT infrastructure and what’s required to support their business demands.

Break/Fix Remediation

Having full-time IT staff on site is expensive and can eat into your budget that enables you to enhance technology to meet growing demands. Outsourced EMS mitigates the amount of time spent on mundane day-to-day such as break/fix and remediation efforts.

Infrastructure Monitoring & Reporting

Too often, we take a reactive approach to IT and must respond to issues after user-impact. Utilizing continuous monitoring enables you to proactively address issues before they occur. You’ll always be armed with the appropriate information.

Lifecycle Management

IT can be costly, but with the appropriate planning and management you can predict the growth and requirements that your business demands to ensure you have the right environment in place to support it, at the right time.

Evaluation. Infrastructure Upgrades. Quarterly Reviews.

You’ll have quarterly on-site or remote discussions with dedicated experts to review a health check that identifies any gaps with executable plans to remediate them. Engineers will plan and execute top-to-bottom updates of your infrastructure with mitigated downtime.

Patching Vulnerabilities

As IT evolves, hackers get smarter and vulnerabilities are constant. Mitigate them by ensuring that you have the appropriate patching schedules in place. You’ll have secure remote management for your critical data assets.

Custom Solutions

Tailored For Your needs

Desktop Managed Services

Take a proactive approach to IT and enhance employee productivity.

Professional IT Services

Professional services focus on providing you with expert talent to augment your team.

IT Consulting

Take a consultative approach to IT and enhance employee productivity.

From the sales staff to the technical team, VirtuIT understands what it takes to run an optimal environment. With the ability to receive quotes that are not only competitive but effective in the problem we’re trying to solve is essential to our success. VirtuIT’s support services and technical team have been an asset to our day-to-day operations.

– Marc Gelefsky. @ Collagen Matrix