3 Benefits of Leveraging IT Infrastructure Management Services


The State of IT Infrastructure Management and How it Helps Your Business

A cloud infrastructure has enabled the “as a Service” model to become increasingly popular in the current marketplace due to the many benefits that it provides. The goal here is to discuss what the ‘Infrastructure as a Service” Model entails and how IT Infrastructure Management can help your business.

What Is Infrastructure as a Service?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) gives users scalable and automated systems that they can use to manage and store their data. It is considered the foundation layer for many other types of cloud computing solutions. You will have to do your research and choose a managed IT provider to help with the deployment but once chosen, the IT Provider of your choice (3rd party vendor) will handle the storage, servers, and networking; and ensure you have the necessary resources to run your infrastructure.

How IT Infrastructure Management Services Can Benefit Your Business

Mitigate up-front capital costs

You no longer have to worry about receiving quotes with a huge up-front cost on them for all of the equipment you would typically purchase for your on-premise infrastructure. Because you’re leveraging a third-party IT Infrastructure Services Company, they provide the resources to you. Since they’re responsible for performance, equipment is refreshed regularly so that you’re running on the newest technology that the industry has to offer. You’re not only running your infrastructure on industry leading equipment, but you’re doing it without having to dish out the significant up-front capital for it!

In addition to saving money on the up-front capital costs, there’s also the challenge of finding the time and resources for the initial deployment of the infrastructure. This is no longer a concern when you’ve found the appropriate IT Infrastructure Services Provider since the existing infrastructure was already set up long before you even became a customer. Internally building out an infrastructure is expensive, now you can save money up-front by not having to pay for the hardware, and also by not having to pay your staff for training and their time to complete the setup.


‘Pay as you grow’ model

When architecting an infrastructure, there are many factors to consider to ensure that you’re effectively allocating capital to where your business needs it the most. Your business needs continually change, so another benefit of leveraging an IT infrastructure services provider is that they can help you scale to meet your business demands; eliminating the challenge of over/under spending. With the Infrastructure as a Service Model you pay for the resources that your business needs, when you need it. Those allocated resources increase or decrease depending on the needs of your business so that whatever you’re paying for is being fully utilized. Don’t slow down the growth of your business so that your technology can catch up to demands.

Reliability & uptime

If a server goes offline in your on-premise environment, you’re in trouble. If a server goes offline with your IT Infrastructure Provider, there are an array of redundant resources so that you’ll never know there was disruption in the first place. Most IT Infrastructure Services include data centers across the country so that in the event of an extreme failure across a data center, the cloud offering is still online and fully functioning.

In addition to the reliability, you don’t have to worry about downtime for maintenance and patches since you’re now operating on pooled resources. Maintenance is a pain for your in-house IT staff and is not only time consuming, but costly. Now you have the added benefit of leveraging the IT Infrastructure Management expertise without having to worry about finding resources to complete the work or having the appropriate skill set to do so.


There are plenty of benefits to leveraging the cloud for your IT Infrastructure Services needs. You’re able to save time and money by relying on the expertise of industry leading professionals to help you run your environment, all while running on the newest equipment that the industry has to offer. Additionally, many companies will let you take a tour of one of their data centers so that you can take a look at where the technology that runs your business actually resides. The data centers follow strict physical security protocols with gate access and manned stations, further making it an attractive alternative to running your IT Infrastructure on-premise.

When you find an IT Infrastructure Services Provider that fits your needs, you’ll gain back valuable time and save significant expenditure so that you can work on growing your business and allocating money to other areas of need.

With Infrastructure as a Service being the foundation layer of cloud computing, look at how the below offerings can enhance your Infrastructure even more.

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