Technology Upgrade And Refresh

Industry-Best Partnerships

We partner with industry-leading technology partners and have deep expertise in the following solutions:

With a narrow focus and deep expertise on the solutions offered, you have access to experts in the solutions that we recommend. Too often, IT providers attempt to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ which makes it difficult to best serve your needs. 

Technology Upgrades

With the right technology in place from the start, upgrades are more common than the ‘rip and replace’ refreshes.

A tech upgrade is typically the more cost-effective solution and allows you to add storage and compute needs with the growing demands of your business. 

When upgrades are performed effectively, you’ll increase performance, security, and ideally enhanced automation. 

Technology Refreshes

If an upgrade is not the best option, then it’s time for a technology refresh. Refreshes entail replacing your current hardware/technology stack with more modern tech to increase performance and security postures. 

Common causes for refreshes include technology going end of life (EOL), increased budgets for next-gen tech, or performance issues with your existing environment. 

With our enterprise offering, we’ll help you align business initiatives with next-generation technology so that you’re ready for future business demands. 

IT Storage

Data growth has exploded, and naturally so have capacity requirements. If you’re looking to upgrade your storage array or simply add capacity, it’s important to build a plan to get you there. 

Our Storage solutions are exclusively built around Dell EMC and include expertise in: 

  • Legacy Compellent
  • PowerStore
  • Unity
  • PowerMax
  • PowerVault

Established expertise in flash/hybrid, converged/hyper-converged, & secondary storage

Server And Network Solutions

Your server and network infrastructure is the foundation of your IT operations. Server and network support help you avoid interruptions that result in not only wasted resource hours, but increased expenditure to get the issues resolved. To ensure your infrastructure is running optimally, there needs to be constant updates and management.

  • PowerEdge Tower and Rack Series Servers
  • PowerSwitch N Series Switching
  • Edge Networking

Ensure your network equipment, systems and applications are properly provisioned, secured and optimized for maximum performance and reliability.

Virtualization Support

Virtualization support is the most effective way to reduce IT costs while increasing operational efficiency.

By running multiple operating systems and applications on a single server, organizations that adopt virtualization are able to reduce their server footprint, deploy workloads faster, and increase availability.

VirtuIT predominantly focuses on VMware environments. Technical talent that can implement, enhance, and manage your virtual environment is right at your fingertips. 

Which Offering Works Best For You? 

Hardware Upgrades/Refreshes

Deploy technology and support that’s ready for future business demands.

Professional IT Services

Professional services with a focus on providing you with expert talent to augment your team.

IT Consulting

Take a consultative approach to IT and enhance employee productivity.

Solutions Tailored For Your Needs

Managed IT Services and Support will help take the pressure off of your team so that you can focus on your core business.

If you’re struggling to keep up with IT demands, VirtuIT specializes in the cost-effective management, maintenance and protection of your critical IT infrastructure.

Solutions are built to be as little or as much involved as you desire; We’re not looking to replace your technical team! 

From the sales staff to the technical team, VirtuIT understands what it takes to run an optimal environment. With the ability to receive quotes that are not only competitive but effective in the problem we’re trying to solve is essential to our success. VirtuIT’s support services and technical team have been an asset to our day-to-day operations.

– Marc Gelefsky @ Collagen Matrix

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