Dell MX7000 Ready For The Future


About a month ago we attended the Dell EMC MX7000 training in Austin, TX and gave an overview of some of our takeaways. Today let’s spend a little more time discussing the product and the features that come along with it.

To recap, the Dell MX7000 is not an upgrade from the M1000E Chassis but will rather fully replace the chassis altogether. At Dell Technologies World 2019, Michael Dell stressed the importance of innovating and setting customers on the right path toward digital transformation. The Dell MX7000 is built to do just that. The Dell MX7000 infrastructure is built to bridge the gap between traditional and software defined data centers (SDDC) with better flexibility and greater agility. Dell MX7000 chassis hosts disaggregated blocks of server and storage that creates consumable resources as needed. You also now have the ability to share power, cooling, networking, I/O and in-chassis management so that your infrastructure becomes even more efficient.

  • 7U modular enclosure with eight slots holds 2S single or four 4S double-width compute sleds and 12Gbs single-width storage sleds
  • 25Gb Ethernet, 12Gb SAS and 32Gb Fibre Channel I/O options
  • Three I/O networking fabrics, two general purpose and one storage specific, each with redundant modules
  • Multi-chassis networking up to 10 chassis
  • Single management point for compute, storage and networking
  • High-speed technology connections, now and into the future, with no midplane upgrade
  • At least three server processor micro architecture generation support assurance

Dynamically Scale and Respond with Kinetic Infrastructure

Shared power, cooling, networking, I/O and in-chassis management provide remarkable efficiency. Workloads can draw resources that are needed to run optimally and can then be returned into the pool. Typically, you have to manage hardware at the server level, it can now be managed at the data center level as you create resources as demand calls for.

  • Fully featured, no compromise compute sleds with Intel Xeon Scalable processors
  • Generous, scalable on-board SAS, SATA, and NVMe storage drives, plus substantial, granular SAS direct-attached storage using optional storage sleds
  • Scalable fabric architecture with a grow-as-you-need fabric expansion capability for up to 10 chassis in fabric.

Increase Effectiveness with Unified Automation

OpenManage Enterprise is embedded to deliver automated systems management and ability to create resources on demand. The interface is unified and can manage compute, fabric and storage which reduces your up front training costs to ensure all of your technical resources are up-to-speed on the product. Keep in mind that OpenManage is best when there are at least 2-3 servers in your environment.

Protect Your Initial Infrastructure Investment

A Future ready Dell MX7000 architecture helps you protect your investment for years to come. The investment comes with multi-generational assurance support for at least 3 server processor generations. With the future ready solution also comes industry leading thermal architecture and control algorithms that can support complex configurations that your business demands as it scales. Dell EMC is also dropping their list price in the server market so that customers can better realize the benefits of the solution.

Flexible Performance and Capacity Options

Workloads obviously vary from one organization to the next, the Dell MX7000 comes with a wide array of options so that you can choose which will best suit your business demands without having to compromise compute. Storage options and next generation networking are ready to expand with your business workloads.

As we continue to move toward digital transformation and automation, keep an eye on Dell OpenManage & the Dell MX7000 Chassis as they’ll surely play a crucial role now and in the future.