Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise to Increase Productivity


Last week we had the opportunity to attend Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas. In addition to the fantastic networking opportunities and hands-on technical training, we were able to participate in training sessions led by industry experts. Dell Technologies OpenManage Enterprise was one session that caught our attention. We learned that while many customers use Dell servers, not everyone uses Dell OpenManage Enterprise. Let’s dive into what it is, and some of its features.

What is Dell OpenManage Enterprise?

Dell OpenManage Enterprise (OME) is a systems management console reducing the administrator server management time.  OME enables administrators to easily configure, monitor, and patches systems server hardware for up to 8000 servers without requiring physical access to the servers.

When do I need it?

If you’re running only one or two servers, Dell OpenManage probably isn’t for you…yet! Once you start working with more significant numbers of servers the benefits of OpenManage Enterprise become essential. You’ll need the ability to manage your infrastructure at scale by being able to configure, monitor, and patch servers to gain accurate reporting on your IT infrastructure. 

Getting started with Open Manage Enterprise is free for existing Dell PowerEdge customers for monitoring.  The management features require a per server license.   Every administrator should try OME to determine if it’s worthwhile unlocking the full power of Dell OpenManage Enterprise.  System requirements for deploying OME on VMware, Hyper-V, or KVM, can be found here.

Top 3 Benefits

  • Simple – Dell EMC OpenManage Enterprise features an HTML5 GUI with an elastic search engine for faster performance and response times. Additionally, template-based deployment and configurations are enabled which allows you to customize your required configurations and quickly deploy to your servers. The interface is clean and intuitive requiring little training to get started.
  • Automated – The state of IT today has a heavy focus on automation. Comprehensive north-bound RESTful API enables intelligent automation and solution integration. Additionally, mundane tasks are automated with policy driven protocols to help mitigate the human error risks associated with doing these tasks manually.  Using the predefined template configurations, you can automatically deploy a new system by discovering its service tag.
  • Unified Monitoring & Management – Those in IT, or any industry really know how critical reporting is, Dell OpenManage Enterprise also enables you to build out automatically generated custom reports on a schedule. IT professionals often get stuck with the challenge of having to use multiple management consoles; Dell OpenManage Enterprise is a simple-to-use, one-to-many systems management console. The management module is also similar regardless of the server form factor to provide transparency to the end users. With one tool you can now manage up to 8,000 devices, including 3rd party infrastructure.

For those that haven’t gotten a chance to catch our interview with a Dell Sr. Product Specialist, you can do so here. We’ll break down some features of the product and discuss when this product makes sense for you.

Contact us to learn more about Dell OpenManage Enterprise, start implementing OpenManage into your business, or just have some questions!